Saturday, June 11, 2011


akhirnya dah abes pon my first year in cucms!!!
it's been a long journey and i would say that the journey is very tough.macam2 bende aku lalui sepanjang 1st year ak kat cucms ni.dgn exam almost every week bagus jugak psl akan sentiasa buat student belajar all the time tp yg tensen xleh nk ponteng kelas sgt kene sentiasa konsisten in the study.
macam2 barang ak beli tyme 1st year ni smpi dh terlebih bajet.terok betol. =.=
dulu memula bajet saving setahun rm3500 tp after membazir bnyk sgt beli barang my saving is only about rm2700.haish mmg beli bnyk betol barang tyme 1st year ni.macbook,xperia 8,ipod touch,psp,and lastly blackberry curve.mmg buat habis duit jpa la.haha..
x kire lg ak yg suka enjoy every week.almost every weekend g tgk wayang pastu main pool lg haish terok betol.kira skarang ni duit jpa mmg dh betol2 kosong xde balance langsung dh.hoho...
2nd year nnt dpt duit jpa tros nk saving and i hope i can spend my money more wisely.kira xde nk bazir2 target item for 2nd year is a tablet and i still dont know which tablet to get but ipad 2 is on top of the ak guna tablet is a lot more convenient tuk student.senang nk blaja n refer to notes (alasan je sebananye tu).

bercakap psl pengalaman ak sepanjang 1st year kat cucms ni mmg ak rasa this 1st year i had done a lot of mistakes.kira ak boleh di consider as one of problematic student jugak la.especially my role as class rep yg slalu kena target ngan lecturer.everytime ak tgk balik segala masalah yg pernah ak lakukan ak rasa betul2 bersalah sebenarnya.i hope i could improve a lot on my 2nd year.

my academic sometimes make my lecturer worried about me.i actually dont know why bcoz my grades are all ok but i believe there is a lot of improvement can be done.ak igt lg tyme 1st exam kat sini i was the highest in my group but then starting the 2nd sem my result are just so and so and cant even be compared with the very good student.i should be very thankful to Allah bcoz i'm not on the list of the students that need to move out from the college.but even so i still get consulted by my mentor about my grades.for me i've done my best and that is what important.becoming a doctor is about skills not about knowledge i guess so i dont really aim to get good marks but rather enjoy and how to apply the knowledge.

in summary,sebenarnya terlampau bnyk sgt mistakes yg telah aku lakukan tyme ak 1st year ni.i even ashamed actually to see my mentor due to problems i kita belajar drpd kesilapan dan aku berharap sgt 2nd year nnt ak dapat jadi lebih baik.harap2 aku dapat lupakan segala masalah yg pernah aku buat tyme aku 1st year dulu.frankly speaking,i think i am the most troublesome student in my batch.haha...that's all for now thank you.

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